Donna M. – Guyana

I had some ongoing major medical issues for most of my life. I visited every doctor in my country and got no relief or resolution. Then, I heard of a visiting Neurosurgeon and decided to pay him a visit. He recommended me to JIPA.

I was very skeptical and had no reason to expect anything but I had to try. I came to Miami for an appointment with Dr. Nedd. Within one week after this visit, I was able to do things I could not do for many years. Seven months later, my condition has improved significantly because of Dr. Nedd’s team and JIPA’s approach to healthcare delivery. I did not want to leave Miami after my treatment because I felt safe with this team not only because of my significantly improved physical condition, but also because they made me feel so much at home. They made the appointments, they brought my medications to me. They did everything for me.

They gave me my life back. I am 80% back to what I was before my medical condition. For this, I am eternally grateful and am a fan of this group of caregivers. They are the best in the world from my point of view.

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