JIPA Testimonials

I recently found myself in need of care for a medical condition. I spoke to, and was referred to JIPA, by Dr. Ivor Crandon. I knew nothing about the organization but went forward with the referral based on his recommendation. I must say that the experience with JIPA was an extremely pleasant one. I was more than satisfied with the support offered to my family as I prepared for my appointments and even after my meeting with the physician. As a foreigner, we were not accustomed to this level of care and attention to be given to family members. The entire staff was friendly, caring and cooperative and treated me feel like I was a member of their family. There was not one instance when I felt alone and uncared for. JIPA’s approach to patient care was beyond my expectations. Even though I was in an unfamiliar country, I felt comfortable and assured that I was supported and that everyone with whom I interacted was concerned and committed to providing me with the care I needed at the time. It is without reservation that I highly recommend JIPA because of the care they rendered, the way was family was attended to, and just as importantly, they also got me incredible pricing for my care that I otherwise would not have been able to get on my own.

Leron D.
Leron D.

I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Kester Nedd, his assistants, the nurses, the therapists, and all the supporting staff at JIPA Network who assisted in my recent care. I cannot fully express my gratitude for the care they provided and the warmth with which they welcomed me to the JIPA family. My most sincere thanks Eneida and Yary for all they did to keep all my appointments, etc., in place and on time.

I definitely would not have received the type of experience, personal care, and attention for my case in the state where I live, and may not have had the great outcomes that I now enjoy. The whole team went out of its way to make sure that I was comfortable and could return back to the Caribbean with as much improvement as I could expect. I am better than I initially thought I would be.

JIPA was recommended by Workmen’s Compensation in the state where I live and they provided me with the right specialists and physicians. They met all my housing and transportation needs, and provided all the services I needed to assist in my medical care.

I was patently surprised and equally happy that Dr. Nedd saw me the same day that I flew in from the Caribbean. He immediately did an assessment and coordinated with a Specialist so that I could receive direct care in a very short period of time. Everyone was very efficient and friendly. This is not something I am accustomed to and from that point, it only got better.

I will definitely recommend JIPA to family, friends and coworkers. I have some disability due to my injuries. However, I would not have been able to have the type of functionality that I now enjoy without the care that I received through JIPA. They provided an excellent and effective service.

D. Cameron - U.S. Virgin Islands
Derrick C.
U.S. Virgin Islands

“The doctors in Barbados forwarded the information to JIPA Network, where they evaluated the costs and assisted us every moment. They made sure I had accommodations, translators, and transportation. We were very blessed to have had JIPA Network, and we are blessed to have baby Sebastian here with us today. We want to say thank you, JIPA. We love you.”

Baby Mitchell

“An injury to my back plagued me for many years. I couldn’t find a place to get relief. Here we don’t have the facilities and doctors to do an operation on this sort of thing. That is when my wife spoke to JIPA Network. I sent all my medical records to them. The speed at which they came back and said they can help me, it really impressed me. They came back with not only the place to do it, but with an affordable quote.

I couldn’t walk when I left. They took me by air ambulance to a hospital in Columbia. When I got to Columbia, JIPA had people there to greet me, take care of me, and translate for me. It was all organized by JIPA. After my operation, I was able to come back to Tortola on a normal commercial flight, walking up the steps of the aircraft. That to me was amazing. I had a great experience. If you ever need anything that you can’t get here, call Dr. Nedd and JIPA in Florida.”

Joseph R.

“The entire JIPA Network was very supportive. There was a complete team effort. Everyone took the time to make sure I felt reassured, understood what was happening, and I had a great experience from the beginning to the end. I trust my local doctor in the Virgin Islands, and I trust his medical experience. When he recommended JIPA, it was a no brainer based on his level of experience and how he had handled my situation. I felt very comfortable with the options that were presented. If I have any further issues in my life, JIPA is always going to be number one to me.”

Kareem H.

“At the resort where I was staying was a team of doctors and caregivers that heard about my plight and came down to the hospital. They were led by Dr. Nedd and JIPA Network. They took a look at me, talked amongst themselves, and ordered an air ambulance to fly in from Ft. Lauderdale to pick me up and take me to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. They saved my life. And I really want to thank Dr. Nedd and his team.”

Allan M.

My experience with JIPA was above and beyond anything that I could or would have expected. Their service and staff met and exceeded my every expectation. My JIPA experience can be summed up on one word – PERFECT! There was not one thing lacking. Even though Colombia was very cold (it was their winter), I felt like I was on vacation. Everything was first class.

My treating physician recommended JIPA as he was aware of the quality of their services and knew they would take very good care of me. They opened a treatment pathway for me that wasn’t available at home. The special thing about JIPA is that everyone took my care and treatment personally and treated me like I was a member of their family. Throughout this event, I kept asking myself what I did to make these total strangers take such good care of me, but after a while, I realized that this is their way of treating everyone. They were all involved and always there to help, advise, guide and hold my hand at what was a very difficult time in my life.

I do highly, and without hesitation, recommend JIPA to anyone who has a need for medical services. You will never find a warmer, more compassionate, empathic and caring group of people who deliver the quality and excellence in service that JIPA offers. I have never, in my life, received service like this. I’m back home now and am moving forward with further treatment. I thanked my doctor for his referral and have been telling all of my friends and family about JIPA so that if they have a need, they know where to find the best.

Deonarine N.

I needed to get some medical treatment and JIPA was recommended to me. I must say experience with JIPA in April when I visited Miami was beyond my greatest expectation. From making financial arrangements to the day I left, they were outstanding. I had to do nothing. They arranged everything and made sure that all appointments went off as scheduled. The staff was very professional and their follow up was evident to ensure that I had the best outcome possible. I had the best experience possible and besides the caregivers, I must give my thanks to Ms. Eneida Cruet. She was excellent. The entire JIPA team made me feel as though I had known them for a long time. I will recommend JIPA to anyone I know who needs healthcare.

Sonia K.
St. Lucia

JIPA’s Patient Care Coordinators made my stay in South Florida so easy. They helped me with my medical appointments, my transportation and my food. Not sure what I would have done without them.

Helen B.
U.S. Virgin Islands

I had some ongoing major medical issues for most of my life. I visited every doctor in my country and got no relief or resolution. Then, I heard of a visiting Neurosurgeon and decided to pay him a visit. He recommended me to JIPA.

I was very skeptical and had no reason to expect anything but I had to try. I came to Miami for an appointment with Dr. Nedd. Within one week after this visit, I was able to do things I could not do for many years. Seven months later, my condition has improved significantly because of Dr. Nedd’s team and JIPA’s approach to healthcare delivery. I did not want to leave Miami after my treatment because I felt safe with this team not only because of my significantly improved physical condition, but also because they made me feel so much at home. They made the appointments, they brought my medications to me. They did everything for me.

They gave me my life back. I am 80% back to what I was before my medical condition. For this, I am eternally grateful and am a fan of this group of caregivers. They are the best in the world from my point of view.

Donna M.

I was very grateful for the tremendous care my son received while he was in Miami recovering from a severe incident. The JIPA Patient Care Coordinators were wonderful to work with, provided excellent service and made sure we not only got the best care but, made sure we got to all our appointments on time. But most importantly, I wanted to thank Dr. Nedd- He has a healing heart.

Tyrone H.
U.S. Virgin Islands

We were very satisfied with JIPA’s service, their ability to customize our appointments to fit our travel in the US, the doctors they chose, the price, the ENT and Audio Life. The doctor at Audio life was exceptional. I understand we were their first JIPA customer. I want to express that it was the best experience I have had in my life at a doctor’s office. He tested and made the hearing aids in the same day. He also was very kind and understanding when we lost one within a week. He had the new ones ready for us when we returned to the US. He is exceptional and further demonstrates JIPA’s desire to provide the most exceptional care by the selection of doctors they choose to work with.

Frederick K.
Turks and Caicos
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