Patient FAQ

What is JIPA Network?

JIPA Network exists to ensure that a patient’s health care is coordinated to reduce cost, promote access, enhance quality, efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction. JIPA Network utilizes its network of health care experts to coordinate and access affordable global health care. JIPA Network consists of world class clinicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and treatment centers.

What does JIPA stand for?

JIPA stands for Joint Independent Provider Association.  JIPA is a network of credentialed health care providers that maintain their autonomy as physicians, facilities hospitals, diagnostic center, etc.; but share a common objective of excellence in patient care at affordable global rates.

Who can become a JIPA Network patient?

Anyone can become a JIPA patient. Our services allow patients to be educated and savvy consumers of health care. Our patients typically include the following:

  • International and domestic patients who are paying cash for their health care
  • High-deductible insured patients
  • Under-insured patients
How do I register to become a JIPA patient?

Submit your information.

Request a quote from a JIPA Patient Care Coordinator by email, phone or on our website. We help gather all of your vital health data to develop your customized care plan. We are HIPAA compliant and take great measures to protect your privacy.

Build Your Custom Care Plan

We will review your information and begin the process of developing your custom health care plan with a JIPA physician. Our Patient Care Coordinators work as your advocates. They serve as the facilitator between you the patient, the providers, hospitals or other health care providers. They will even work with your existing providers to maximize your access and affordability to the best health care. Once we create your custom health care plan, you will get a simplified quote. Physicians recommend care and we arrange everything for you. Providers recommend your health care plan, we help coordinate the care.

Get Your Quote

We will negotiate an affordable and competitive rate with a preferred and credentialed physician or facility. It is a highly competitive rate that is less expensive than going directly to a provider on your own. We’re able to do this because of our experience and strong relationships with our Provider Network. A simple administrative fee is included in your affordable rate quote to cover the costs of our coordination and negotiation.

Easy Payment

Pay only for the care you need when you need it. JIPA Network has a streamlined billing process and one simplified bill that’s easy to understand. We collect and pay the providers on your behalf. Feel comfortable knowing that this is taken care of before you even walk into the doctors office. One company, one bill and one person to deal with.

Set an Appointment & Get Your Care

Your Patient Care Coordinator will schedule your appointment in a timely manner. They will find the dates and times that work best for you. We will follow up with both you (the patient) and the provider to make sure that your care plan was rendered to your complete satisfaction.

What is a JIPA Patient Care Coordinator?

Your Patient Care Coordinator or PCC for short is your personal connection to affordable global health care. Our team of PCC’s is your connection to the JIPA Network of best-in-class providers and facilities. Your PCC will assist you with getting an appointment with one of our top tier credentialed providers. Your appointment will be scheduled in a timely manner and if you need help getting their, we can not only coordinate your transportation needs but help with discounted hotel accommodations.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

JIPA Network has a strong professional relationship and rapport with our top-tier providers. Therefore, we are able to make appointments in a timely manner with providers and facilities that would normally be unable to accommodate you as quickly.

JIPA is prepared to handle cases at the highest level of urgency, including traumatic and emergency cases, with an immediate turnaround time.

How does JIPA and my PCC choose the doctors, ancillary providers, and facilities rendering my care?

JIPA Network has invested a substantial amount of resources to ensure all of our providers are competent and the best-in-their class. Our providers do not pay any membership fees or surcharges for preferential treatment, or to increase likelihood of a referral. Referrals are made strictly based on the best clinical choice and for your convenience.

Before accepting a proposed option, we will be happy to provide you a profile on the provider and his/her facility before making your decision.

Is my health and security information safe?

Absolutely. JIPA Network takes your patient information security very seriously. We value the privacy of our patients, and we will never sell or offer this data to third parties. More importantly, JIPA Network is HIPAA compliant. We will only provide your medical information with the parties you authorize as clinically necessary in a secured manner.

How do I pay for my health care through JIPA?

You will receive a quote for the services you’ve requested. After agreeing to utilize the care plan established by the medical director, the PCC will make your appointment. Payment will be collected 48 hours prior to the appointment. You will receive a receipt for the charged services. JIPA Network accepts cash, credit, and wire transfers for all services. If additional services are rendered or requested during your appointment additional payment for those services may be charged. However, you are within their rights to deny the performance of those procedures prior to being rendered by the provider.

What if I’m on a budget?

You can state your spending limit or payment needs in your request for a quote. If needed, JIPA Network will work with you in establishing a payment plan.

How can JIPA Network help me?

JIPA Network can assist you with all of your health care needs. Our services are useful:

  • If you are uninsured and paying cash for your health care needs
  • If you are under-insured
  • If you have a high deductible health plan
  • If you need help getting access to affordable health care
  • If you are looking for health care packages or bundled pricing
  • If you need help navigating through your personal health care issues

JIPA Network also helps with:

  • Arranging your health care tourism in United States, the Caribbean and Central and South America.
  • Streamlined billing
  • Health care concierge services
  • And much more, contact your Patient Care Coordinator for more details
How is JIPA Network commonly pronounced?

JIPA is pronounced “Gyp–Pa”.

What health services and procedures does JIPA help to coordinate?

We are happy to help coordinate any type of care, diagnostic test or laboratory testing that you may need.

Can I find a primary care provider through JIPA Network?

Of course, JIPA will be happy to help you find a primary care provider that you feel comfortable with.

I want to see a specific physician or specialist that is not associated with JIPA Network, can JIPA negotiate my rate of care with that provider?

JIPA Network will work with your selected provider to negotiate the rate and schedule your appointment, including those outside of our Network. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the provider will be willing to negotiate their rate or that the desired physician will have values consistent with our 300,000 plus contracted and credentialed JIPA Network providers.

What fees does JIPA Network charge? Or how does JIPA get paid?

JIPA Network takes pride in charging patients only for the services they need when they need it. Making us a great alternative to traditional insurance plans that charge regular premiums, have high deductibles, and uncertain coverage. Because of our negotiated rates with providers, we include a minimal administrative fee, which is included in your quote and collected in a streamlined invoice for your health care services.