For Patients

Get access to affordable global health care.

Hispanic-Family JIPA Network is a Provider Network based in the United States. With over 300,000 health care providers, JIPA Network serves both domestic and international communities. The Integrated Network delivers high-level professional and personalized care.

JIPA Network exists to ensure that patients’ health care is coordinated to reduce cost, promote access, and enhance quality, efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction.

We believe that all patients are created equally. Everyone can take advantage of our complimentary health care concierge services.   – Mariel Villaman, Patient Care Coordinator

JIPA Network consists of world class doctors, hospitals, diagnostic facilities and treatment centers. JIPA organizes patients’ care by coordinating health care services for international and domestic patients.

JIPA Network is not an insurance company and no premium payments are required for patients or health care providers to participate.

Our services and benefits are perfect for patients seeking health care in a foreign country or for patients looking for an affordable alternative in their homeland. Review the complete benefits for your needs: