Our Story

A Message From Kester J. Nedd, D.O. & CEO

Welcome to the JIPA Network. As a practicing physician in a large university based academic medical center for the past 24 years, I have seen the challenges faced by patients in accessing health care. I have come to believe that health care, which is considered a service, has become more of a commodity. Unlike any other service or product that you will purchase, health care pricing is unpredictable and accessing the services is challenging. Having an understanding of the many issues involved in administering, paying for and delivering health care, JIPA Network connects you to world-class health care providers that meet your needs.

Illness can be life changing and can impact your financial stability and your well-being, as well as your family, friends, employees and employers.

JIPA Network was created to bring patients and health care providers together, where patients’ needs come first and are addressed with ease.

JIPA is not an insurance company or a provider of health care. JIPA Network administers payment and coordinates care through the Network of health care providers.

The Network includes all physician specialists and sub-specialties (primary, secondary and tertiary physician specialists), that are all highly rated by their patients, their peers, and the overall health care community. Other health care providers include world class hospitals with modern technologies and highly rated facilities and services.

JIPA Network contracts with out-patient diagnostic and treatment centers that offer lower costs and high quality care. Ancillary services, including pharmacy, labs and therapy, are also among the services provided. All providers go through a rigorous credentialing process, and they are invited to join the network based on referrals from their peers and their unique qualifications. Providers are maintained in the network, based on the positive experiences reported by the patients served.

JIPA Network is glad to connect you with one of our participating health care providers for your general health care needs or even in times of an emergency or for an elective procedure.

We are happy to be your connection to affordable global health care.