For Providers

How can JIPA Network benefit your organization?

doc-red-tie JIPA Network was developed to help health care providers remain competitive in the rapidly changing health care marketplace, where medical professionals are paid less for what they do and have to incur more cost in acquiring and caring for their patients. Currently, that system rewards providers based on the volume of care they render as opposed to the quality of their service to patients. However, JIPA serves as a great solution for the current challenges being faced by providers.

JIPA Network offers attractive rates for reimbursement as well as great incentives for being active agents in coordinating the care of patients, at no cost to the provider. This ensures quality patient care and sustainability of physician’s practices, in a productive manner. JIPA Network provides a layer of administrative support that allows providers to maximize the time and resources towards seeing patients and coordinating care. By consolidating referrals of our patients, within a dedicated group of qualified health care providers, we are able to maximize opportunities.

JIPA Network is currently focused on managing the referrals and administration of payments for domestic and International patients who:
  • Have high deductible or co-insurance – Patients with high deductible insurance and who are required to make substantial up-front payments for their health care before accessing their health insurance.
  • Have no insurance or are under insured – Patients who are under insured in the US or Internationally and pay substantially for their health care.
  • Are travelers or considered to be international patients – Patients traveling and need health care urgently or who plan to travel outside the country for their health care services.
  • Have self-funded or employer based coverage – Patients whose health care is funded by an employer who makes direct payments for health care services rendered through a self-funded arrangement, in lieu of signing up with a health insurance plan.

In addition to ensuring reasonable rates for health care providers, JIPA Network encourages referrals of patients within the JIPA Network of providers.

As a JIPA Network provider, you maintain autonomy as an individual provider and still benefit from the collective bargaining power as a member of the network.

Patient referral is a two-way street, you as a provider must take the opportunity to refer your patients to another JIPA provider, in the same manner that another JIPA Network provider will refer their patients to you.