International Patients

We'll help you coordinate your health care plan abroad.


Our goal is to provide you with access to high quality and affordable health care around the world. Get access to our complimentary health care concierge services.

Patients face a number of  challenges and uncertainty when seeking health services abroad. JIPA Network’s complimentary patient-care coordinating services include:

  1. Travel Assistance (Before & During Your Trip)
  2. Help Obtaining Visas
  3. Discounted Lodging & Reservations Service
  4. Translation Services
  5. Food Services
  6. Air Ambulance Arrangements

JIPA Network will ensure clear and accurate communication during your trip. Cultural sensitivity for a seamless experience is a top priority.

JIPA Network provides reliable solutions that focus on access to quality care, total patient satisfaction, peace of mind, fiscal health, and strong relationships between patients and their providers. JIPA Network’s patients experiences are customized to their needs. Most importantly, the costs are pre-negotiated, predictable and unified into a single bill for convenience.

Through JIPA Network, health care can be delivered in several countries that include the United States, the Caribbean and Central and South America. As demand grows, we continuously will add more destinations to JIPA Network.

Get started with JIPA Network by completing the simple form on the right. A Patient Care Coordinator will then contact you.