• International Patients

    Are you planning to travel abroad for your health care services? Then look no further. Our complimentary Patient Care Coordination services will help arrange everything you need when traveling abroad.

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  • Domestic Patients

    Do you have a high deductible or are you uninsured? With so many unknowns in today’s health care market place, JIPA Network will help you get access to high quality health care at a reduced cost.

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  • Provider Benefits

    Maximize your referral opportunity. JIPA Network is a closely affiliated group of health care providers who own and operate the health care network. See why over 300,000 physicians have already joined.

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  • Payor Benefits

    We offer Payors autonomy as entities with negotiable access to our elite network of providers. Benefits include carve outs, bundled prices, comprehensive & specialized network rentals, and executive physicals.

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The JIPA Difference

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    Our success depends on your complete satisfaction.

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    Access to preferred providers and facilities.

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    Our entire network is owned and managed by providers.

  • Why JIPA?

    Why choose JIPA Network?

    Simply put, JIPA Network exists to ensure that patients’ health care is coordinated to reduce cost, promote access, and enhance quality, efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction.

    JIPA Network utilizes its network of health care experts to coordinate and access affordable global health care. JIPA Network consists of world class clinicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and treatment centers.


    Our Mission

    We are dedicated to improving the health of our members by coordinating and providing access to world-class affordable health care.

    CEO Message

    A Message from our CEO

    Welcome to JIPA Network. As a practicing physician, in a large university based academic medical center for the past 24 years, I have seen the challenges faced by patients in accessing health care. I have come to believe that health care, which is considered a service, has become more of a commodity.

    Unlike any other service or product that you will purchase, health care pricing is unpredictable and accessing the services are challenging. Having an understanding of the many issues involved in administering, paying for and delivering health care, JIPA Network connects you to world-class health care providers that meet your needs.

    Kester J. Nedd, DO, CEO

  • Network Benefits

    1. Reduced Costs:  Our experienced team has the ability to reduce your costs by negotiating with providers.
    2. Coordinated Care:  Our Patient Care Coordinators will help you every step of the way. We simplify the health care process for you. We will arrange your appointments and assist in getting you discounted hotel rates, transportation and translation services when needed.
    3. Access to Over 300,000 Preferred Providers:  Our global network consists of world class physicians and facilities representing numerous specialties.
    4. One Simple Bill:  No complex bills or dealings with insurance companies. We will provide you with one simple bill.
  • We are your connection to affordable global health care.

    Contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators to learn more.
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