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What is JIPA Network?

Simply put, JIPA Network exists to ensure that a patient's health care is coordinated to reduce cost, promote access, enhance quality, efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction. JIPA Network utilizes its network of health care experts to coordinate and access affordable global health care. JIPA Network consists of world class clinicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and treatment centers.

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JIPA Network’s services and benefits are perfect for patients who:
  1. Directly pay for health care services
  2. Have high deductible insurance or co-pay
  3. Are under insured
  4. Are International or are traveling
  5. Have self-funded or employer- based coverage
 Concerned about navigating the health care system? JIPA Network will:
  1. Pre-arrange access to health care providers
  2. Negotiate predictable pricing
  3. Manage all payment arrangement
 Our services are designed to provide fast and effective solutions for all:
  1. Patient care coordination
  2. Assign case manager
  3. Coordinate referrals
  4. Arrange appointments
  5. Disseminate medical information
  6. Communicate with health care providers
Our Complimentary Health Care Concierge Services include the coordination of:
  1. Translation services
  2. International Travel (Air Ambulance)
  3. Domestic transportation
  4. Hotels, short-term or long-term housing
  5. Delivery of medications or medical supplies
  6. Meal Deliveries
  7. Home Health Services

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