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What is JIPA Network?

Simply put, JIPA Network exists to ensure that a patient's health care is coordinated to reduce cost, promote access, enhance quality, efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction. JIPA Network utilizes its network of health care experts to coordinate and access affordable global health care. JIPA Network consists of world class clinicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and treatment centers.

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What is JIPA Network?
What does JIPA stand for?
Who can become a JIPA Network patient?
How do I register to become a JIPA patient?
What is a JIPA Patient Care Coordinator?
How long does it take to get an appointment?
How does JIPA and my PCC choose the doctors, ancillary providers, and facilities rendering my care?
Is my health and security information safe?
How do I pay for my health care through JIPA?
What if I’m on a budget?
How can JIPA Network help me?
How is JIPA Network commonly pronounced?
What health services and procedures does JIPA help to coordinate?
Can I find a primary care provider through JIPA Network?
I want to see a specific physician or specialist that is not associated with JIPA Network, can JIPA negotiate my rate of care with that provider?
What fees does JIPA Network charge? Or how does JIPA get paid?

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