Joseph R.

“An injury to my back plagued me for many years. I couldn’t find a place to get relief. Here we don’t have the facilities and doctors to do an operation on this sort of thing. That is when my wife spoke to JIPA Network. I sent all my medical records to them. The speed at which they came back and said they can help me, it really impressed me. They came back with not only the place to do it, but with an affordable quote.

I couldn’t walk when I left. They took me by air ambulance to a hospital in Columbia. When I got to Columbia, JIPA had people there to greet me, take care of me, and translate for me. It was all organized by JIPA. After my operation, I was able to come back to Tortola on a normal commercial flight, walking up the steps of the aircraft. That to me was amazing. I had a great experience. If you ever need anything that you can’t get here, call Dr. Nedd and JIPA in Florida.”