Elana Perdeck

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Elana joined the JIPA Network team in February of 2013. As VP of Marketing and Business Development, Elana brings her vast experience in program management, planning and leadership skills. By 2009, Elana had dedicated 25 years of her career to the University of Miami, having held high-leveled administrative jobs. It was then that she made a career move, joining an exciting startup company from Tulsa Oklahoma. For close to three years, she was responsible for the development of programs and sales of high-level organization, institutions and groups.

While searching for local opportunities, Elana reconnected with Dr. Nedd, from the University of Miami, and joined JIPA Network. Elana is looking forward to working with domestic providers in growing the JIPA network throughout the South Florida area. At JIPA Network, One of Elana’s primary goals at JIPA is to connect self-pay, under-insured and uninsured patients to JIPA’s affordable Network of top tier healthcare providers.