Derrick C. – U.S. Virgin Islands

I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Kester Nedd, his assistants, the nurses, the therapists, and all the supporting staff at JIPA Network who assisted in my recent care. I cannot fully express my gratitude for the care they provided and the warmth with which they welcomed me to the JIPA family. My most sincere thanks Eneida and Yary for all they did to keep all my appointments, etc., in place and on time.

I definitely would not have received the type of experience, personal care, and attention for my case in the state where I live, and may not have had the great outcomes that I now enjoy. The whole team went out of its way to make sure that I was comfortable and could return back to the Caribbean with as much improvement as I could expect. I am better than I initially thought I would be.

JIPA was recommended by Workmen’s Compensation in the state where I live and they provided me with the right specialists and physicians. They met all my housing and transportation needs, and provided all the services I needed to assist in my medical care.

I was patently surprised and equally happy that Dr. Nedd saw me the same day that I flew in from the Caribbean. He immediately did an assessment and coordinated with a Specialist so that I could receive direct care in a very short period of time. Everyone was very efficient and friendly. This is not something I am accustomed to and from that point, it only got better.

I will definitely recommend JIPA to family, friends and coworkers. I have some disability due to my injuries. However, I would not have been able to have the type of functionality that I now enjoy without the care that I received through JIPA. They provided an excellent and effective service.

Author's imageDerrick C.U.S. Virgin Islands

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